A Driveway-Turned-Boutique Airbnb Accommodation In Daylesford


It starts like a fairytale. At the rear of a property in Daylesford lay a rarely-used driveway, fallen into disrepair and overgrown with trees and long grass.

This is the spot interior designer Lynda Gardener came across two years ago and decided was perfect for her next project. She convinced the surprised owners to sell the strip of gravelly land at the back of their property, and at the end of last year Lynda’s tiny barn was built, styled and ready for visitors.

‘I knew instantly it had to be simple and open plan,’ she says of the design. ‘I stuck to my vision and completed a contemporary barn, totally open plan, except for a central pod which housed the bathroom.’

Despite designing four previous accommodations, ‘Room + Board‘ is the first project Lynda has completed as a new build, making it completely different to the old houses and apartments she has previously overhauled. The timber trusses and pitched roof elevate the height of the structure and were intended to give a lofty, barn-like feel to the single-room space.

By using greenhouses and barns as reference points, Lynda has created a light and airy space, which still evokes the country heritage of the surrounding area. Huge recycled windows salvaged from an old schoolhouse complement custom-made barn doors at the front and back of the accommodation, while Lynda’s own collection of antiques and vintage finds fill the whitewashed interiors.

‘White, bright, old and new’ was her plan for the interior from day one, and she stuck to it. ‘Simple, clean lines filled with cosy, feel-at-home furniture’ was crucial to making the accommodation inviting and relaxing. Considering Lynda manages the bookings and greets all her guests individually, an at-home ambience was an important feel to get right.

Thoughtful additions to the exterior of the property extend the living space beyond the barn. A custom-made glasshouse was erected for lounging and reading in the garden, and an old tin bath sits on the back verandah for soaking at the end of a long day!

Room + Board Daylesford is available now for short term stays via Airbnb! Lynda also operates a number of other beautiful boutique properties, renovated in her distinct style. Check out The White House in Daylesford, and The Estate in Trentham.

‘I created a place with not only personal collections but a unique, open-plan space with trees, plants and one-off finds.’ – Lynda Gardener. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

‘White, bright, old and new’ was Lynda’s plan for the interior from day one. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Lynda Gardener. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

‘All my properties have my own collections [in them].’ Photo – Marnie Hawson.

‘I salvaged huge windows from a schoolhouse, custom-made large barn doors front and back and, most recently, added a custom-made glasshouse to the rear of the property.’ Photo – Marnie Hawson.

A fully equipped weekend getaway kitchen. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Kitchen detail. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Bags and baskets perfect for market shopping hang on the wall. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Textiles and indoor greenery add bursts of colour. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

The bathroom pod walls act as dividers between the bedroom and living room in the open plan space. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

A light-filled reading nook. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

A bedside corner in earth-toned hues. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Inside the central bathroom pod. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Custom barn doors and a pitched roof evoke the tradition of Daylesford’s country heritage. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

‘I renovated and styled my first project approximately 15 years ago in Daylesford. I wanted a house in the country and Daylesford always appealed!’ Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Long, winding roads and proximity to Melbourne are pluses! Photo – Marnie Hawson.


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