17 Toiletry and Makeup Essentials for Women Travellers Over 60


Do you find it a struggle packing for your next trip? More often than not, packing clothes and shoes is the most difficult part. For those of us who travel with only a carry-on, what we carry in our toiletries bag can have us ‘pulling our hair out’ with all the regulations in place.

From July 1, all international flights from Australia have new regulations on powders.

Powders that are inorganic, such as talcum powder, powdered deodorant and foot powder are restricted to 350g or 350ml in your carry-on luggage. No doubt, this will become a worldwide regulation shortly as other airlines and countries come on board.

Organic powders, which can be found in cosmetics, can be carried on board in a clear Ziploc bag at a maximum size of 350 grams per person.

Liquids, aerosols and gels up to 100g or 100ml and placed in clear Ziploc bags can still be carried on board. The regulations state that the bags must be presented when going through customs.

If you are travelling with checked-in luggage, you only need to worry about your total weight according to the ticket you have purchased.

My list will help you keep your overall weight allowance down. Since 2013, I have been travelling full time and have downsized and compacted by toiletries bag and now have 17 essentials that travel in my carry-on with me.


Deodorant is a must have and not negotiable when I travel. The perfect roll-on size is 75ml. This size complies with regulations and can be easily replaced anywhere in the world.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Gone are the days when I collected all the small shampoo and conditioner bottles provided in our hotel rooms. They increased my luggage weight unnecessarily.

I discovered shampoo and conditioner solid bars back in 2014 and have used them ever since, gently rubbing them into my hair. They are like soap bars and last for an average of 6 months.


Sunscreen is a must no matter where I go. The current size regulation for carry-on is 3.4oz or 100ml. There are solid sunscreen bars on the market.

Facial Cleanser – Makeup Wipes

Look for the cleansing wipes that remove makeup and waterproof mascara, and which do not contain alcohol. They cleanse, tone and moisturise in one step.

Facial Moisturiser

I used to travel with both a day and night facial moisturiser, but the weight of the two became an issue, so now I just travel with a night-time moisturiser.

SPF15 Foundation and Moisturiser Combined

A perfect combination for carry-on luggage is SPF foundation/moisturiser. The two products combined into one cover my need for daytime moisturiser.


A trio palette of your favorited colours is the best eyeshadow combination. I have yet to find a brand where the container does not break or crack though.


A trusty black mascara is easy to carry on board and is a must in my daily makeup routine.


A black eyeliner is essential in my daily makeup routine.

Cream Blusher

A cream blusher is preferable over a blush powder and brush as it reduces two items into one. If you run out of blusher you can always use your pale lipstick instead.


A lipstick that is a pencil is easier for travelling and it can also be used as a blusher. A lipstick that contains a moisturiser is also an option, otherwise you may need to carry a lip balm as well.


A high-quality razor that lasts several weeks is preferable to a 6 pack of disposable razors that will take up space in your luggage.

Body Moisturiser

For body moisturiser you can take a solid moisturiser bar, a small tube less than 100ml or an 80ml small jar.

Dental Products

Custom regulations prohibit the regular size toothpaste (140g) for carry-on luggage. A solution is to purchase a travel size toothpaste and then buy the regular size at your destination.


Tweezers are for grooming as well as removing splinters. They need to be placed in the Ziploc bags.

Nail Polish

One bottle of my favourite coloured nail polish that is no larger than 14.7 ml.

Nail Polish Remover and Emery Board

Nail polish remover pads are perfect for carry-on luggage.

What makeup and toiletry products do you love to always take with you when you travel? What hacks have you used to minimize your carry-on luggage? Please share them with the community!

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