5 Ways Travelling with Your Adult Child Can Deepen Your Relationship in Ways You Never Expected


World travel is high on the list of things women our age
crave. Many women have a long list of places they want to explore in
retirement. One goal is to experience adventures we could not enjoy when busy working
or raising children.

For example, I have vague memories from my time as a mom of
beautiful turquoise sea and whitewashed buildings on Greek Islands. But these
lovely experiences were overshadowed by my parental role.

I remember spending most of the time looking after curious, wandering
children and making sure we all returned home safe and sound! My own desires
were tucked safely away for future trips.

Is Retirement a Great Time or Get to Know Your Adult Children?

Many older women think of life in “retirement” as their “me”
time. In my case, I broke the rules and started a business with my eldest son.

For 5 years, we worked side-by-side with his wife to build
Sixty and Me. So, after spending long hours together building our business,
when it came to plan a relaxing holiday why on earth would choose to travel

For me, river cruising is one of the most relaxing, and enjoyable
form of travel. Road Scholar, a leader in non-profit educational travel, knows
this and has over 40 river cruising experiences to offer.

In my opinion, there were 5 good reasons we chose to spend 14
days together on a river boat cruise. And, what I learned about the
relationship with my adult son was life changing.

A River Cruise Gives You Relaxed Time for Real World

The cruise we took was along the Rhine. It was a Christmas
Market river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. To be honest, other than short
train trips, we never had travelled together as adults. The experience changed
our relationship forever.

We got to spend time eating, drinking, talking and
reminiscing in such precious ways. Having relaxed real world adult
conversations honestly shifted our relationship beyond mother and son to great friends.

We started to connect in authentic ways. I learned one very
important lesson. All your adult children really want is for you to be happy! That
freed me so much when thinking of how I wanted to spend time in my retirement.

We both had changed since those Greek Island summers when he
was a child. Life had offered us both opportunities to deal with loss and
sadness, joy and hope. In him I could see kindness, strength and a beautiful
determined ambition I’d never acknowledged before.

He saw my quirks and flaws and started to understand better
the challenges I was experiencing about aging. We talked about everything.

Conversations Went Deeper When We Were Both of Drinking Age

am not a big drinker, but, when lovely regional wines are served at every meal,
you can’t help but relax and imbibe. Our river cruise had a German theme, but,
this 13 day Road
Scholar trip on the Douro River in
Portugal sounds equally appropriate! You get to
explore little-known treasures along Europe’s Douro River, discovering ancient
architecture and of course local wineries. Here is another option.

Can Explore Undiscovered Places Your Children Thought Were Way Too Boring!        

sometimes have a very short list of must-see destinations. They do not have
much interest in culture and history. This changes as your children get older
and places with unpronounceable names suddenly become more interesting!

cruising can take you to exotic locations around the world. Road Scholar river
and barge educational programs extend to Egypt , China and Africa.

I have
lived in Switzerland now for 5 years but the cities along the Rhine were as
unknown and remote as central China. The cruise took my son and I to Kolmar,
Strasbourg, Cologne and Koblenz were highlights and we learned about the
magical myth of Lorelei on the Rhine.

My son and
I talked about the history of the places we visited and together we learned so
much about the culture and history of the places on the river.

Discovered Secret Places Not Far from Home

trip together was on the Rhine, butthere
are so many river experiences very close to your own home. The Danube River for
example, winds and bends through 10 countries including Germany, Austria, the
Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

the United States there are 10
Road Scholar river cruises including the Southern
Grandeur or the Lewis
and Clark to Mark Twain.

Can Enjoy Classic River Cruising all Year Round

is an all year activity, so you can easily work around your adult child’s work
and family commitments. If it’s possible the fun is increased if they bring
your daughter in law as happened in my case. I got to know her in a much deeper
way too. And grandkids – well Road Scholar offers many intergenerational tours
so again, there are many options!

river cruise with my adult son was an experience of a lifetime. It deepened our
relationship in so many ways.

then, he has become a father… so the idea of ever getting an opportunity for
just the two of us to take a trip together seems remote.

am so happy we took this time to travel together. It was a highlight of my life
and a precious memory with my son.

Have you ever travelled with an adult
child? Where did you go and how do you feel it changed your relationship? Let’s
have a chat!

Let\’s Have a Conversation!


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