Alone for the Holidays? Give Yourself the Gift of an “Experience Holiday” This Year


the Holiday Season has been a time to spend at home with family and friends. For
many women in our Sixty and Me community, it’s a season of spiritual celebration,
gift giving, decorating and enjoying delicious food with loved ones.

will hopefully always be a season of fun and festivity, renewal and peace on
earth. But, is it possible that there is even more that we can enjoy during
this special time of the year? Can the Holiday Season be a time of exploration
and learning… not just a time of giving and remembering?

Times Are Changing!

While the holiday season holds special memories in our lives, many older women are shifting their holiday priorities. Perhaps with family members spread across the globe, these women are choosing to travel at a time when most people are tucked up all cosy at home.

you find yourself celebrating at home alone this holiday season?

you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with new friends in places you
have always wanted to visit?

you love to travel and are looking for a different way to spend the holidays
this year, here are some inspirational ideas!

“Experience Travel”
is a New Way to Enjoy the Holiday Season

meet the needs of people looking to spend the holidays in a different way, a
new style of holiday travel has emerged. This is the world of educational, experiential
holiday travel adventures offered by Road

is “experience travel” for you? Let’s dive in and find out!

It’s Time to
Embrace the Fact That Traditional Family Holidays Are Not Always Possible

many retired women live hundreds or thousands of miles away from their families.
While some wish they could live closer, others are happy to see their grown children
celebrating the holidays with their own families. Some women even find
themselves just not wanting to do the holiday “shopping, cooking and decorating”
thing anymore.

addition, as painful as it is to mention, many women in our Sixty and Me
community are divorced, estranged or separated from family members, loved ones
and grandchildren.

women still want the holiday period to be memorable and special.

for whatever reason, you find yourself alone this holiday season, Road
Scholar’s Holiday Programs are a perfect gift you can give

Here Are 4
Unique Road Scholar Holiday Adventures Just for You!

Scholar offers hundreds of educational programs, year-round, for every type of
traveller. During the holidays, however, they have a range of diverse and captivating
options. There truly is something for everyone!

programs offer ways to celebrate Christmas in a different country (or state),
while enjoying unique cultural traditions!

can participate in the intimacy of local celebrations or travel to enjoy adventures
in stunning European and other worldwide landscapes. Here are just 4

Christmas in

special travel opportunity is to spend 7
days in Yellowstone Park. The park offers a winter wonderland
experience, combined with fabulous warm and cosy accommodations.

can explore the natural geological wonders of the park, enjoy the waterfalls
and stunning vistas and watch Old Faithful’s geothermal steam in the icy winter

riding snow coaches across a spectacular winter landscape appeals to you, this
program will enable you to celebrate Christmas in a relaxing, magical way.

Christmas and New
Year in Oaxaca and Puebla

you are looking for an experience that is a little warmer, you may want to
experience a 14
day Mexican adventure with Road Scholar. This program
stretches over the entire Christmas and New Year period.

will be nowhere to be seen. But you can enjoy the ancient rituals and mystery
of the New
Year Oaxaca-style!

The program includes
visit to craft markets, and you can even have a go at making pinatas. You will
dive into a new world where you can experience all the colourful seasonal
festivities in Oaxaca Puebla and Mexico City.

The joy of this
adventure is taking part in the extravagant pageant of a Mexican Christmas
and spectacular festive New Year’s dinner!

Traditions in Austria and Germany

you want to travel to Europe to enjoy the holiday traditions, music, food and
Christmas markets.

fabulous option is a 12-day
experience in Austria and Germany. One
highlight is to immerse your senses in the experience of Christmas markets in Vienna,
Salzburg and Munich.

the way, you can enjoy the timeless holiday customs of Central Europe as you
visit markets illuminated by candles and experience the music and magical
Advent celebrations.

At St.
Florian’s Abbey in Linz, you will attend a special concert performed on the world-famous
Bruckner organ.

New Year’s Eve
in Prague

fabulous European holiday is one I have experienced myself in beautiful
Prague. This program is 9-days long, but, it is long
enough for you to become lost in the timeless cultural history and amazing art
and musical traditions of this amazing location. Ring in the New Year in
Bohemian style!

program gives you the opportunity to discover Prague’s enchanting Old Town and
enjoy the 9th-century Prague Castle and 14th-century Karlstejn Castle.

historic sites are enjoyed on expert-led walks that bring you over the world-famous
Charles Bridge.

Ask me about a secret garden I discovered in Prague that hardly anyone knows

New Year’s Eve
in Paris

7 days and 6 nights you can experience New
Year’s in Paris in spectacular Road Scholar style.
You will first learn about the most famous landmarks in the city and then
discover all the local culture and amazing cuisine with experts.

famous Parisienne boulevards are illuminated for the holidays in true French
style. You will have a Paris Museum Pass and a Paris Visite Pass, granting
you access to all Parisian public transportation and museums.

Along the
way, you will get to explore landmarks like the Louvre and
Notre Dame as well as Gothic architecture at Sainte-Chapelle.

will then welcome a new decade with a fabulous light show at the Arc de

new year will be celebrated with new Road Scholar friends and perhaps new
commitments for 2020!

And if you
have the desire, you can combine this Parisian holiday program with Christmas
in London.

Why not
start your own new holiday tradition this year? Start a new decade by celebrating
the holiday season in your own special way!

This is
your time to enjoy and celebrate life!

What are
you planning to do this holiday season? Will you spend time at home or venture
off on a holiday adventure?

Let\’s Have a Conversation!


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