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Wondering how you’re going to kick your New Year beauty up a notch? You’ll love what these bright and shiny beauty advances can do for you.1. Charcoal maskGive your face a New Year glow with this toxi
The temperatures are soaring. Heat, water, and humidity are playing havoc with your skin and hair. Try these 10 summer beauty must-haves to keep you glowing.When the hot, sunny weather finally hits, i

2017 Beauty Trends

Is achieving flawless skin one of your New Year’s resolutions? What about kicking your makeup routine up a notch?Luckily for us, 2017 has great things in store for natural beauty trends. Here’s what w

Don't Sweat It

Conventional antiperspirants contain some dangerous chemicals. Natural options are safer, effective, and widely available.Whether it’s the first day back at school, a big presentation at work, or a to
Learn how to create healthy skin all year round, no matter which part of Canada you call home.Where in Canada do you live? Depending on the winter climate, your skin may require unique care.The mounta

Winter Hair Care

Want to snowboard, ski, and play in the snow—without ruining your hair? Read on.While adventuring in the winter wonderland, it can be easy to forget what a price our hair can pay. Never fear—natural h
When choosing organic products, it’s time to think beyond the kitchen! There’s a whole world of certified organic products waiting to be discovered in the beauty sections of natural health retailers.
We can protect what\'s on the outside by ramping up what we take in on the inside. Stay radiant with skin-supporting supplements and minerals.Our skin takes a lot of hammer. Exposure to the elements, a
Mani-pedi (hand and foot care) isn\'t just for metrosexuals. Men who work hard and play hard need to pamper their hardworking hands and feet to keep them healthy.If your hands are as soft as sandpaper

Cosmetic Safety

We use cosmetic and skin care products every day, but we seldom think about what we\'re putting onto our skin. We debunk eight cosmetic myths.How much do we really know about the cosmetic products that