MyFitnessPal Summer Shape-up Meal Plan – Part 1


We’re excited summer is finally here — but eating healthfully takes some planning, so to kick off the season right, we compiled some delicious, healthy recipes and created a printable meal plan for you to try. We even added the foods for you, to make logging your daily nutrition in MyFitnessPal easy. Just search the MyFitnessPal Database by the food name as written below.

There’s a lot of content here, so we’ve decided to break it up. We’re sharing a few breakfast and lunch options today and will post our dinner and snack options on Friday – so check back just before the weekend for the second half!

1. A Sweet Simple Life – Muffin Cup Baked Eggs
Recipe Details: 80 calories per egg cup, prepared without cheese
Pair baked eggs with a slice of whole wheat toast and a cup of fresh fruit. These can also be frozen and microwaved for a quick and easy weekday breakfast.
2. Motive Nutrition – Breakfast Egg Sandwich with Crispy Prosciutto
Recipe Details: 393 calories per satisfying muffin sandwich
Enjoy with a small piece of fruit on the side.
3. Homemade – Cottage Cheese with Pineapple and Walnuts
Recipe Details: 270 calories per ¾ cup 2% cottage cheese, ½ cup fresh pineapple chunks and ¼ cup walnut halves
4. NatureBox – Breakfast Taquitos
Recipe Details: 180 calories per 1 taquito prepared with small corn tortillas, regular pork sausage and cheese (not reduced-fat)
Grab an apple or banana and take these to go.
5. Garden Lites – Spinach Souffle
Recipe Details: 140 calories per souffle
Perfect for heating up when you’re running late in the morning!

1. Good Life Eats – Cucumber and Avocado Sandwich
Recipe Details: 404 calories per sandwich made with hearty 100% whole wheat bread (110 calories per slice) & 3 tablespoons mashed avocado
Tastes great with kale chips on the side
2. Eat Yourself Skinny – Summer Quinoa Salad
Recipes Details: 270 calories per 1 cup
We love having some strawberries afterward for dessert!
3. Food Fitness Fresh Air – Sweet Pea and Garlic Soup
Recipe Details: 200 calories per serving topped with 1 tablespoon 2% plain Greek yogurt
4. The Kitchn – Tuna Cabbage Salad
Recipe Details: 159 calories per serving made according to directions with 2% Greek yogurt and 1 pinch of salt & pepper
Great for sandwiches or mixed into a bowl of leafy greens.
5. PJ Organics – Chicken Enchilada Meal
Product Details: 440 calories per entrée
Keep some in the freezer at work!

We hope this proves useful and inspirational as you embark on a healthy, happy summer. Again, stay tuned for the dinner and snack portion of the meal plan this Friday—just in time for your weekend grocery shopping!




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