Thursday, May 30, 2024
Many people begin their fat-loss journey by cutting calories. This is a tried-and-true fat-loss tactic research shows is more effective than relying on exercise alone. However, many people cut c
Anyone who’s trying to drop some pounds knows it requires healthy eating, being active and … a lot of patience, dedication, commitment and perseverance. Sometimes it’s difficult to get things st
Sometimes, it can feel like you’re on the right track with nearly everything — eating healthy, logging your food, getting enough sleep, making exercise a consistent priority and staying hydrated
 When trying to lose weight or manage insulin resistance, you may think it’s important to avoid any type of sugar. However, unlike sodas, candy and other highly concentrated forms of sugar, nat
If you refuse to try quinoa, recoil at the texture of tomatoes — or, gasp, avocados — and insist that certain foods never touch on the plate, you might be a picky eater — and you are not alone.
If you’re one to give health trends a try, chances are you’ve already heard about apple cider vinegar, aka ACV. This seemingly magical elixir has been linked to countless purported health benefi
Whether it’s Atkins, Paleo or keto, these trendy fad diets have one thing in common — limiting carbs. Some research shows people lost more weight on a low-carb diet than a traditional low-calori
Fiber deservedly gets a lot of attention from nutritionists — “it’s important for everything from regulating digestion to controlling blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels,” says Claire Vi
The next time you have a hankering for a bag of chips or a chocolate chip cookie, look at the clock. A new study published in the journal Current Biology found the body expends 10% more calories
Creating new healthy habits can be extremely difficult, especially when losing weight requires long-term changes to your diet, fitness, sleep schedule and more. But other habits — like brushing