Hot and cold superfood tonics


Hot and cold superfood tonics

Here’s the thing about fall: people love to talk about the crisp days and the nip in the air and the scarves you’ll need to wind around your neck the second September arrives. But the truth is, in most parts of the country, it’s an in-between kind of season—the weather is all over the map. One day is crisp and cool. The next is a warm, sunny throwback to summer. Sometimes we need to banish the chill with a steaming bevvie. Sometimes we need to slam an ice-cold concoction.
The one constant? We’re always looking to add functional foods to our drinks and transform them into tonics. (You too? Cool.)
That’s why we hit up Renee Byrd of Will Frolic for Food, a blog where self-care, creativity and the most nourishing (and pretty) food and drink abounds. Read on for her delish ways to drink two of our favorite ingredients, matcha and reishi, in two ways: hot and cold. (Because she really gets fall.)

Matcha served cold

Mermaid Lemonade (aka Iced Green Matcha and Spirulina Lemonade)

Matcha served hot

Hot Minute Matcha Green Tea Latte

Reishi served hot

Cozy Tahini Reishi Latte with Herbal Coffee

Reishi served cold

Frozen Adaptogenic Coffee Latte with Reishi and Maca


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