4 Ways to Escape the Summer Travel Nightmare After 60


Are you in the middle of your summer travel? Are you experiencing overbooked flights, long waits at airports and high costs to boot? Most airlines now offer seating, eating and baggage choices for the discerning traveler.

Those of you who travel the air regularly know airline travel has become a nightmare. Not only is the budget-conscious traveler in the economy class affected, the other classes are the subject of overbooked planes and mechanical breakdowns as well.


Having choices sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? The truth is, what used to be standard service in airline travel has become an option you pay for.

This means your airfare will be higher if you want to have legroom, water to drink, a pillow or blanket. It will get even higher if you want to have priority boarding and be able to stow your carry-on in the overhead bin. You still get a seat with a seatbelt, but that may become a luxury ‘choice’ as well.

Car travel is no longer the joyful “load ‘em up, turn on the radio, open the windows and sing-your-way-across- the-country” travel of the past.

With changing fuel prices, you can’t load all you want in your small economy vehicle, and pollution, heat and busy highways will force you to close the windows, turn on the air conditioner and give you behind-the-glass travel experience.

You may think boat travel is a relaxing way to see the world, so you try cruising, but you will still have to fly or drive to your port of departure.

Fuel prices fluctuated and are up again, but air fares only went up and stayed there. The bigger SUV you bought after the great depression was over is now expensive to run.

No Fuel Travel

If travel no longer feels like the positive transformative experience you expect it to be, choose a different style of travel – non-motorized.

Remember John Francis who dropped out of the petroleum economy in 1971 after a big oil spill in Southern California?

He stopped using gas-fueled transportation and maintained this lifestyle for 22 years. You can read more about his activism for a healthier planet in Planet Walker, changing the world one step at a time.

Walking, Bicycling, Sailing and Kayaking

So, on offer are four ways out of the summer travel nightmare. Walking, bicycling, sailing or kayaking are non-motorized options for travel, and they’re good for our health and the planet.

Walking, bicycling and kayaking build neurological connectivity, keep us more alert, give enjoyment in living and reduce our carbon footprint. I know we will never go back to a walking society, but you can build walking – and bicycling – into your daily life as a choice.

Walking will transform you. Along with bicycling, walking long distances will improve your body functions and give you a positive outlook on life. Who does not want that? While kayaking from place to place and camping along the way, you can have a delightful vacation. Sailing fits that same bill.

The simplest and most accessible of these non-motorized forms of travel is walking. If you want to read more about walking as a lifestyle choice, read my book, Walking Gone Wild: How to lose your age on the trail.

If you are interested in becoming a long-distance walker, join the many dynamic agers who, with a little coaching, train to hike the long trail and create a ‘slow’ revolution in their life and the world. Why don’t you join me in choosing an active travel vacation?

What is your opinion about travel these days? Do you prefer to travel by car, train, air or one of these 4 non-motorized forms of travel? Let’s talk healthy travel! Please join the conversation.

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