7 Tips That Can Get Any Boomer Woman to Pack Her Travel Bags Today


few weeks ago, I lost my sister due to complications from diabetes. She was 69
years young and, although her health was never what it should have been, it was
still sudden and unexpected.

sister often shared with me how South America was on her bucket list and
wouldn’t it be nice to go on a cruise together someday. Aha! Therein lies the
rub! “Someday.”

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

are probably familiar with the phrase, “You could get hit by a bus tomorrow.” It is a metaphor for maybe you
should do it now as opposed to later.

Yours Truly, a professional travel advisor,
is guilty of this. We seem to always come up with excuses why we can’t – at
least not right now. No money, no time, no one to go with.

put off those trips of a lifetime and bucket list journeys to a future date. Often,
when I encourage folks to go now, I get push back on having to make
a decision.

As Henry
Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”
In my profession, I modify this to, “Go or don’t go. The choice is yours.”

7 Tips to Get You Traveling Now

are some of the tips I’ve gathered through my years working as a travel advisor.\\

Luxury Cruising

to cruise in luxury but don’t have enough money? Skip the 10-day mainstream
cruise and buy a 5-day luxury cruise. They may appear to be expensive but often
include everything – even your airfare!

Roommate Option

alone but can’t afford the single supplement? Many tour operators offer
roommate matching.


want to travel economy for international flights but can’t afford business
class? Consider economy plus.

Less Time More Fun

at a resort with the grandkids but can’t afford those jet skis they want?
Reduce your hotel stay by a day. That should free up some money for the toys.

Vacationing Off-Season

in the off-season. Everything is cheaper. For example, Greece doesn’t close in
the winter, but the tourist traps do, and the crowds have gone home. What are
you left with? Authentic Greece!

Check for Discounted Airfare

you know travel planners often get notified when international air carriers
have seats they want to fill at a discount? Work your holiday around your air.

Work with an Agency

often have access to blocks of optioned hotel rooms or cruise cabins that you
can purchase. It doesn’t mean you are taking your vacation as a group, it
simply means you get a negotiated special rate.

the sale is over, the unsold rooms go back to the supplier but you got your
room at a smokin’ hot deal.

Time Marches On

My beloved
sister will never travel to South America, and it was entirely her choice. What
is a week of leisure time in the span of six months or a year? As we all march
toward the finish line, there is no pause button.

other tips can you share with our community? How do you make a decision to pack
your bags and just go? Let’s have a conversation.

Let\’s Have a Conversation!


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