How to Avoid Tummy Trouble While Travelling: Here's Some Healthy Travel Eating Advice from a Pro


We’ve all been there. We’re having a wonderful holiday making beautiful memories, but our bodies are just not cooperating. Indigestion, dehydration, and other digestive issues can put a damper on the best vacations. So, we’ve turned to nutrition expert Ashley Koff to learn all the dos and don’ts of travel nutrition. Enjoy the show!

BYO Better

When we travel, we always try to plan for the unexpected. We bring sunscreen and umbrellas, band-aids and cold medicine, but we often forget to bring items that will help aide in our digestion. Ashley says that there are a handful of things that we can bring with us to help us feel our best. She calls this formula the BYO Better.

First, if you have foods at home that you enjoy regularly and are safe for your tummy, bring them with you. Ashley is a fan of Nature’s Pack organic oatmeal, so she brings a few packs of it with her while she’s travelling. Breakfast is the perfect meal for substituting a safe, tummy-friendly favorite for an elaborate belly-busting meal out.

Vitamins are also an important item to bring with us as we travel. Anytime our normal eating routine is altered, we need to make sure that we are still feeding our bodies with the nutrients that it needs. A good quality organic multi vitamin is a must for travelers of all ages.

Supplements can also play an instrumental role is keeping your digestive track happy while travelling. Two supplements that Ashley always brings along include magnesium and an electrolyte powder. The magnesium calms the digestive system to ward off constipation without having the unwanted effects of a laxative. And a good electrolyte powder hydrates and energizes the body.


Staying hydrated can be quite a challenge for women as they travel. A lack of hydration will increase constipation but staying hydrated brings on more need to find a safe, sanitary restroom. This is a difficult balance for many women as they often must choose the lesser of two evils.

Fortunately, Ashley has some great advice on this very subject. She says that it’s important for women to understand the role that potassium plays in the body and how it can help us stay hydrated.

While sodium keeps water outside of our cells, potassium actually works against sodium to keep water in our cells. Rather than increasing the amount of water we take in, we can simply choose to make the most of the water we do drink by eating potassium-rich foods that will hold water in our cells where we need it.  Great sources of potassium include avocados, potatoes, watermelon, and coconut water.

Drinking water throughout the day and not chugging a large amount at once is also a great way to stay hydrated without causing yourself an inconvenience. When travelling by plane, it’s best to also avoid high-fiber meals, alcoholic beverages, and coffee.

What tummy troubles have you experienced while travelling? Do you ever BYO better? Do you have a supplement or vitamin that you love to travel with? Please join in the conversation below.

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